About Us


The Druk Foundation for Art Preservation was established in 2014 to provide support for the conservation and preservation of the sacred arts of Bhutan. Having spent ten years in training monks on the conservation of thangkas, Eddie Jose, a leading authority on Asian art conservation, wanted to ensure the continued support for the monk conservators in their work to preserve the sacred arts of Bhutan.
The first annual Board meeting was held in Manila, Philippines on Nov. 25, 2014 and was attended by Ashi Kesang Choden T. Wangchuck and His Eminence Dorji Lopen Kinley. A partnership between the Foundation and Bhutan’s Central Monastic Body was formed to work together in promoting and supporting the Thangka Conservation Centre.
The Board of Directors is represented by individuals who have a strong interest in the arts and culture of Bhutan. They are committed to increase awareness of art conservation and its importance to the Bhutanese people. Currently, the Foundation’s efforts are to raise funds towards the construction of the new centre and to create endowments for the centre’s continued support.
Donations are tax deductible as allowed by the US Internal Revenue Code. For further information, please contact info@drukpreservation.org

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