“Who better to restore sacred religious art, but the monks themselves?”
– Master Conservator Ephraim Jose

Teaching is a gift with exponential & enduring benefits. In this spirit, Master Conservator Ephraim Jose has been volunteering his time and resources to train a group of Bhutanese monks the necessary skills for the conservation of their nation’s thangka paintings. Empowered with the right tools and trained to the highest standards, the monks have become the gatekeepers of these important cultural objects.

As a living tradition, thangka paintings have a priceless sacred and historical importance for society, in addition to their clearly admired artistic qualities. The Thangka Conservation Center is the first of it’s kind, combining state-of-the-art conservation techniques with the ancient wisdom and compassion of a monastic institution; thereby ensuring that the conservation, research, revival, and outreach, is all conducted within the framework of the artform’s inherent spiritual and social context.

As the successor to Ephraim Jose’s esteemed work in Himalayan painting conservation, the Thangka Conservation Center will be in a unique position to sustain itself through the patronage of his clients. The addition of a gift shop and conservation tours will also provide resources towards the training of new generations in a self-reliant and self-sustaining cycle.

In order for the center to grow and fulfill its aspirations, the Druk foundation is raising funds for a permanent, fully equipped facility to house the Thangka Conservation Center and it’s resident monks. For more information, please read the above brochure and contact us at info@DrukPreservation.org

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